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Here are our guidelines for submitting your work to Troubadour 21 for publication on the site. We are currently accepting submissions for Poetry, cure Short Stories, rx Art and Photography. If you have any questions please direct them to support@troubadour21.com.


  • Before you submit any work, please Register with the site. You will have the opportunity to include a brief bio and a photo of yourself after you register, by updating your profile on the site.
  • For all submissions, send the submission in the body of the email with the title as the subject.
  • For text submissions, do not send in attachment. Only use the body of the email.
  • One submission per email.
  • Include your username for the site in the submission email
  • For poetry submissions, send email to poetry@troubadour21.com
  • For short story submissions send email to stories@troubadour21.com
  • For art submissions send email to artwork@troubadour21.com
  • For photography submissions send email to photography@troubadour21.com
  • Please check back here before making any new submissions, even if you have submitted before, as these guidelines are subject to change.
  • Send questions and comments about your submissions to submission@troubadour21.com
  • Send support questions to support@troubadour21.com

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