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A literary and artistic haven for poets, viagra writers and artists in the 21st century.

Troubadours were medieval lyric poets, click minstrels, no rx or singers who traveled throughout Europe from the 11th-13th centuries. They performed for the nobility, sharing their poems and songs based on the themes of chivalry and courtly love.

The purpose of this site is to promote art in all of its many forms: poetry, writing, art, photography, and music. We want to bring together poets to submit their poems, writers their stories, artists their paintings, and photographers their photographs.

We hope to create a niche in today’s modern world for the 21st century poet and artist inside you, whether alive and flourishing, hidden or forgotten, needing only to be revived.

We want to create a place for people to promote their work, to inform our readers when and where they will be sharing their work, whether an art show, photography show or musical performance. If possible, we will be there to write reviews and articles on your shows.

Troubadour 21 is a place for us to share our innermost creations, thoughts, to bring back the prolific spirit of medieval and Renaissance literary times to the 21st century.

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